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Christopher Connors is an author, writer and career coach with a background in management consulting. His passion is helping people blend their natural talents and skills with their passions. He is the father of two amazing boys and happily married to his graduate school sweetheart. He grew up on Long Island, right outside of New York City. His family, job, and writing is the biggest part of his life.

He is the author of the book “The Value of You” which is the personal development guide for anyone looking to boldly live life on their own terms. The book is a journey into the powerful values that define our human experience. Each chapter highlights a value that helps to serve as the foundation of our values structure.

In the book, Chris discusses what the value is, why it matters and how we can use it to the game plan in our lives to achieve goals, happiness, and peace of mind.

Chris talked about his success story with ScaleUp Magazine in an email interview.

Chris, what were some of the best and worst moment in your life and what did you learn from them?

My highs are the moments I’ve felt the most love—witnessing the births of my two children, getting married and countless special memories with my family. Professionally, it’s becoming an Amazon bestseller with my new book. Low points—getting fired from a job, and breaking up with my then-girlfriend and now-wife (prior to getting married). It broke my heart! I’m glad we got back together!

One of my favorite quotes in life comes from coaching basketball:

You’re never as good as you think you are when you win; you’re never as bad as you think you are when you lose.

During the highs, we have to remember that those times won’t always last, no matter how special they are, or no matter how much we’ve achieved. We need to keep things in perspective.

During the low times, we have to remember to believe in ourselves and to have a high self-esteem. Bad times define us and lead to great times.

What was the turning point in your life?

Adversity is your greatest asset. The biggest accomplishments and greatest moments in my life have come from the greatest adversity. Adversity always brings with it an opportunity—as long as we’re willing to stay positive and recognize it.

How do you lead your daily life?

It’s hard, but the only way I’m able to succeed in doing this is through game planning my weeks and days. I have a core mission, a definition of what I consider success to be, and I prioritize the things that matter most to me. My family means more to me than anything. So I always find time for them, despite how much I love pouring my all into my writing, coaching and speaking pursuits.

I try to plan my day the night before, while still improvising through planning during each day. I always eat breakfast and try to eat well in the morning, while visualizing exactly what I want to accomplish. I spend time in prayer and meditation at different times of the day. I also always make sure to get up, walk around and keep refreshing my mind with new ideas. When I’m working on a task, I do everything I can to stay immersed in that moment.

Can you share some of your productivity mantras?

It all starts with my attitude and effort. I always do my best to stay positive and work hard for what I’m doing. I begin with my values and planning. From there, I need to stay positive and keep making adjustments as I work hard. Finding a way to self-inspire and remain self-motivated is critical to success.

I’m a big believer in Microsoft Outlook, but I’m also now using Trello. I still like to write a lot of things down on paper and in a planner. The act of handwriting helps me with memorization and prioritization. But I’m also a very big OneNote user. That said, I’m always open to new ideas and trying out new things that will make me even more productive. I’m always looking.

What are the sources of inspiration?

This begins with my mission: To live each moment to the fullest by having a positive attitude, a smile and genuine enjoyment for life while giving everything I have to love and help the people and environment around me and achieve my goals and success on my terms. At my core, I want to help and serve others. This inspires and motivates me because it’s at the forefront of why I’m doing, what I’m doing.

My Mom and Dad, my brothers are the biggest sources of inspiration. Definitely starts with my family. I’ve also been very inspired by famous figures of history like Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., and Mother Teresa. Athletes like Mariano Rivera and Tim Duncan represent so much of what I believe makes sports and competition so special. People of integrity, faith, and love are at the top of my list.

Books and resources for success?

Of course, The Value of You by yours truly! My favorite books include Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill; Interior Freedom by Fr. Jacques Philippe; The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey; and Sacred Hoops by Phil Jackson

Advice for people looking to transform their lives.

Begin by building your life on values. Choose wisely. Then, put together a game plan for our life, knowing that life and everything around you will continue to change. But you have to have a plan if you want to live life on your terms. From there, pursue your passions and do what you love. Do what comes naturally to you and that which you are talented and skilled at. Surround yourself with family, friends and those who love you, and always believe in yourself.


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