How to Grow Your Email List Fast & Create Winning Campaigns


 Adam Connell is the founder of where he shares actionable tips to help people grow their blogs faster. In addition, Adam is a partner at UK Linkology. An agency that offers ROI driven inbound marketing services. They specialize in link building and SEO.

In a candid interview with ScaleUp Magazine team, he shared his best tips on growing an email list and planning a high converting email campaign.

Adam is a big fan of email marketing as it is a personal and easiest way to get your content or product in front of someone.

He says that with an email list of 1,000 people, you could probably drive more traffic to your website than a Twitter account with 5,000 or even 10,000 followers. He, however, cautions quality of email content should be very good.

Adam’s secret email list building strategy

  • Give your visitors a better reason to join your email list (e.g. exclusive information, a coupon etc). He says “I offer a bunch of free downloads on the blog to subscribers with the aim of providing as much value as possible”.
  • Make it easy for people to join your email list – if you make them work for it, they’ll probably lose interest. He has added clickable pop-overs to his top posts to offer another way of signing up to receive a free download.
  • Make your copy (or better yet, your entire offer) as relevant to what someone is reading as possible.For e.g. he says “we use ThriveLeads to display targeted opt-in forms. If users land on link building category, they’ll see a sidebar opt-in form that offers a link building guide or a pop-over offering a link building related offer. Similarly, in the social media category, we offer a social media engagement checklist”.
  • Use content upgrades – If you can put together an exclusive download that ties in with a single blog post, you’ll see great conversions because again, this increases relevance. With it being a follow on from the exact post they’re reading, they’ll be more likely to subscribe. Check this blog post where Adam shares more details on his list building tips.
  • Put your ideal customer at the heart of your list building efforts. Spend some time getting to understand the challenges they face and build your list building strategy around solving those challenges. But it’s important to ensure that you don’t give away too much free information that it devalues your product/service.
  • Identify and focus on the traffic sources which convert better than others. Elaborating on this Adam says “I find referrals from other blogs to convert far better than search engine traffic or social media traffic”.

Read the complete story in ScaleUp Magazine Issue 3


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