18 Resources to Help You Become Amazing At User Acquisition


18 resources that will help you become amazing at user acquisition:

  • How Mint Grew to 1.5 Million Users and Sold for $170 Million in Just 2 Years
  • How We Acquired 100K Early Bird Signups with Zero Marketing Budget
  • User Acquisition, from the trenches
  • How I used Quora for User Acquisition
  • How Guest Posting Propelled One Site From 0 to 100,000 Customers
  • How We (Unexpectedly) Got 60K Users in 60 Hours
  • Becoming Twitter: A Beginner’s Guide To User Acquisition
  • The B2B Referral Sales System – The Magical Outbound Growth Engine Most Startups Never Use!
  • Places to Start Acquiring Users
  • The Ultimate Guide to Customer Acquisition
  • Pre-Launch Email List Building With Directories
  • 10 Content Marketing Growth Hacks [with Infographic]
  • 4 Viral Sharing Tactics For Your Product Launch Strategy
  • Beginner’s Guide to User Acquisition for Mobile Apps and Games
  • What are key strategies to acquire first 100K users with zero marketing budget?
  • The Hacker’s Guide to Twitter User Acquisition
  • How to Master Social Customer Acquisition
  • Facebook Targeting: User Acquisition

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