Success secrets from John Rampton – Entrepreneur. Connector. Online Influencer.


John grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah and has been an entrepreneur his whole life.

In 2006 he was working at a construction site trying to pay for college when he was run over by a large skidster. It snapped his left leg in half and pretty much crushed his dreams of walking again. Over the next 12 months, he was confined to only his bed being sponge-bathed. He had 3 surgeries and was told that he would never walk again.

In 2007 he began an experimental treatment to have stem-cells injected into his leg to regrow the bone. Over the next 6 months, he learned how to walk again by walking in the deep end of the pool and moving his way to the shallow end. This is something he feared that he would never do again, but he was determined to try everything possible to beat his odds.

During this time he began to learn online marketing. He had no choice but to sit in his bed all day, even worse he had no way to make money but behind his computer. He would spend 16-20 hours online a day. He learned what it takes to sell products online. Since then he has purchased, started, grown and sold several companies online with his latest company quadrupling a seven-figure revenue stream in 6 months.

While his leg still bothers him some days, he views that trial as the literal stepping stone into his current career and it taught him to never give up. The lessons he learned from that day forward has helped make him who he is today.

Now he basically teaches people everything he did to become an influencer like how he writes for sites like Tech Crunch, Mashable, etc. He teaches why people should think about influencer marketing, becoming their own influencer in their lives.


He is also the founder and CEO of, which is a payments platform. It works with freelancers and small business owners to pay and get paid online, so they can invoice their clients and easily get paid in a very quick manner. Its goal is to create a way for people from anyone, anywhere in the world and anyone to pay anyone, anywhere in the world with little to no costs.

John oversees the whole company. He has a team, but he put out a lot of content. He is the brand and attends lots of conferences, meets with people, network, talks with small business owners and try to elevate Due’s brand in the best way possible.

Their team right now is 7 full-time people and then a lot of contractors and part-time people.

How to build a brand online?

Building a brand online is all about you and the relationships you make. For John, it’s all a numbers game. So the more content he produces, the more conferences he goes to, the more people he talks with, the more influence he has, the more of a brand he is creating.

When he writes a blog post, he puts out very, very good information that people will like. It’s the same as people with a brand – if you’re putting out an actual brand, you should be focused on the top quality and the top brand that you put out there.

Read the full cover story in the ScaleUp Magazine Issue 9



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