The Art of Opportunity – Building New Growth Through Strategic Innovation


Marc is a global expert on strategic innovation and corporate entrepreneurship, and co-founder of Business Model Gallery which is the world’s largest business model database at

He studied business administration and economics at the Vienna University of Business and Economics, Training and Development at the Salzburg University Business School, and holds a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) from Alliance Manchester Business School where he research how established companies design and implement new innovative business models.

Workwise, he has been self-employed since his teenage years. As a teenager, he worked as a stagehand, and later stage manager for a live sound music company, organized live events with friends, before founding a training company after his studies in Vienna. After a couple of years, he sold that company to move into consulting, which he has been doing ever since.

As a consultant, he works with leadership teams and their organizations to find opportunities for innovation and new growth, design strategies and business models to seize these opportunities and finally support the transformation of organizations to make the strategic renewal happen.

He works with Fortune 500s, usually within specific divisions, and entrepreneurial companies owned and led by their founders or families. Usually larger companies.

According to Marc growth can mean many things in business. Typically businesses think about growth in terms of market share, revenues, the number of employees, etc. so size basically expressed in different ways. Other approaches to think about growth, could be growth in terms of becoming more sophisticated, similar to “growing up”, growing as individuals and as teams.

In his new book, “The Art of Opportunity” he talks about growth primarily in terms of finding and seizing opportunities for new businesses and ventures.

Top bottlenecks for growth in any business

According to Marc, most businesses face multiple growth challenges. Selling more of the same is be- coming increasingly different. And just being cheap- er or being different, the key mantras of traditional strategic positioning, is no longer enough. You have to create value for customers, your company, and for your ecosystem of partners and stakeholders, who are important for your business. To do so, you need to think about strategy in a different way. And usually, it’s established mindsets, approaches, and standardised processes and methodologies that keep companies from doing so.

Read the cover story in the ScaleUp Magazine Issue 1


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