How to hack mobile conversion using emotional approach by Talia Wolf


Talia has been doing conversion optimization for almost 6 or 7 years now. She helps companies all over the world to optimize their websites. She puts a lot of emphasis on understanding where the leaks are in the funnel, what the problem is right now with the current website or online assets, landing pages, registration forms, banners, pricing pages and many more to understand what needs fixing and also taking a very deep dive approach to understanding the psychological triggers and understanding the consumers.

She works with her clients to understand about them and what they are looking for, what they really need, the experience they are looking for, the different emotional triggers that they need and using all of that knowledge to basically run thousands of AB tests and try to figure out what is the best way that will create a better experience for customers and as a result increase her client’s revenues and conversion rates.

Interestingly before getting into conversion optimization field,  she was doing social media and a lot of paid traffic marketing. She was working in a different agency and she was basically kind of working on helping companies drive traffic to their websites and of course create amazing campaigns on social media and stuff.

But she was constantly looking for something further. And while her clients and customers were constantly talking about likes and engagements from Facebook, she was more interested in seeing the actual revenues that it drives and the results. It was only after she stopped working for that agency and started doing some stuff on her own that she realized what she really wanted to do. She didn’t really know it was conversion rate optimization and was just basically trying to make all sorts of changes on landing pages and registration forms to make them work better.

Subsequently, she connected to her partners and together they founded conversion optimization agency and started helping companies do that on their end.

How she started Banana Splash?

She was running the agency for 6 years now and about 2 years ago, her team realized there was a big issue with mobile. Up until then they were using responsive design and just helping their customers use that but the more time passed, they realized there was a bigger issue with mobile and wanted to help fix that.

And so, they actually built an internal tool for their clients to use. It was basically their way to launch quick AB tests on mobile without needing designers or developers. They really wanted a quick way to launch different pop-up’s and to see how it shows on mobile that looked more native and personalized to the behavior.

“What we actually saw was that mobile visitors behaved very very differently on mobile than they do on the desktop. And so, we really wanted to create a better experience, but it’s very hard to do that when you have a lot of work to do and a lot of clients don’t have the resources to completely re-design mobile. So, we built this tool that was going to help us with the simple line of Javascript to detect real-time behavior”, says Talia.

As a result of the tool, they saw an average increase of over 200% in conversion rates on mobile. They had no plans to build another tool and the company around it as it was going to be an internal tool for the agency but because it started having its own business model, they basically separated the companies and now today it is 2 different companies and she is running the product here with her partners and it’s called Banana Splash. They help every customer by increasing their conversion rates and revenues on mobile.

Read the full interview in ScaleUp Magazine Issue 5


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